Cedar Beach Monday Schedule


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 7* I'd Hit That- SorrentinoCt. 7 teams' captains please come
* Court 7* Scott Loetman* EZ-Pass- Radiganto the desk before games begin
check in Tender Topspin- PerryDigheads - Rob Hart Jeanne Beckmann
check in Bay Shore Beyondies- HasselNeighbors- SerpeSnobby Shores- Rubin
check in Sandy Shorts- WetzelWill FlohrSuper Spike Bros- Bellantuono
check in Creature Crushers- FerrugiariBud Light Bandits- FerrugiariHow I Set Your Mother- Ferrugiari
check in Beach Bums- SteinmullerThat's what She Said- O'Shaughnessy
check in Hit facedFreight Guys


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 3* Sean Healey* Dilly Dillies- Allen ONE GAME TO 28
* Court 4* Jacob Waga- Wagang* FSU- Borges ONE GAME TO 28
* Court 3 Winner of court 13 Winner of court 14 Best of 3 to 21 (3rd game to 15)
check in Sandy Craxxx- CunninghamVodka Juniors- CorreaRaybands- Cerulla
check in Parking Meters- PopeReally!- DarvidWilson's Revenge- Fredlake
check in Net Ninjas- Jacqueline PetrowVolley Llamas- HartleyRule #76- Kendrick
check in Sorelosers- RauchTyler Gostkowski- The Beached WhalesSamantha Perez
check in Sun's Out Guns Out- GallagherSons of Beaches 2- BernaSun's of Beaches- Melesh
check in Alex Chirichella- Anal SetsLisa MaraiaSafe Sets- Reese
check in Sandpit Ninjas- KahrsNotorius Dig- Jacoby
check in Red Dawgs- SchroederSean Etherson-Can You Dig It


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 1* Quick Service- Langella* Spanakospikas- Scarpias ONE GAME TO 28
* Court 2* Travis Tordik* Laura Petrozzo ONE GAME TO 28
* Court 1 Winner of court 1 Winner of court 2 Best of 3 to 21 (3rd game to 15)
check in Hornets- WoodwardRebecca MarcianoJonathan and Irena Waga
check in Team Blau- BlauJennifer Van WieKurt Sandt
check in Ale House Aces- FischettiReplacement Clams- MorrisroeShameless- Impellizeri
check in Dirty Henks & the Boys- GelusoFay Vail - How I Set Your MotherMark Horak - Oldies but Goodies
check in Shane GordonWe always get it up- SanicolaNo More Work- Coffman
check in Spikey Meatballs- DiTarantoSteve SugumeleAnnie Cheng-Chu
check in Samantha Scarano - Yub NubDaniel CollinsHit It Quit It- Heaphy
check in Sandy Ballz- CiulloBad Knees Bears- PinciottoBy The Balls
check in Serve-ivors- RitterUnprotected Sets- GioiaI'd Hit That- Giambruno
check in Spiked Punch (Kavneet Baweja)Danielle GolubDawn Baker
check in Wallflowers- BindellJack MonteserratoDevin Sellitti
check in Beach Bumps- McEnteeServing Shots- HoranAlexandra Lewis
check in Michael PataneSanguaroNotorius D.I.G. 2- Michalek
check in Savo Buffaloes- StoschCooking with Hartz- HartzHauppauge Honey Jacks- Blau
check in Michael SimonettiAmanda ChanSandy Cheeks- Fitzgerald
check in Bumps- StewardDalers 2017- CiulloJason Gajowski
check in Block It Scientists- GarifoJessica CarneyAnthony Weber
check in Giddy Up- LuballWantagh Waves- PinciottoRaich Ende Malter- Brown
check in Volley Llamas- ValderramaJessica RasIslanders- Trifiletti
check in Silly Sea Monkeys- KeaneyLang$wag Yolo - Taylor Hannaberry
check in Beach Bums- MarshallParty Poopers- StoehrWW Spiked Punch- Bendetti
check in Dirty Birds- RoyMisfits- ReidCobras- Gilliar
check in Anthony SellittiWho caresAces Kings and Queens- Diaks
check in Go Nads- TeitelbaumBumpin’ Uglies- SchubertThe Shorties
check in 750 a Day- LarsenNotorius D.I.G.1- FeboColleen Meyer
check in PCH Volleyball- McCullyEileen SchroederKoster
check in Sets on the Beach- DurantNotorious DIG- CorrKick My Ace- Viola
check in Beaches and Balls (Koumourdas)Sets on the Beach- LaVelleBall Busters- Argueta
check in Amongst the Waves- McElroyWW Setting Ducks- Bendetti1 More Year- Obrien
check in Dada Beach- SimonHeather ArcherGru Crew- Gruener
check in Bumps & Humps- BattistaPóg Mo Thóin- StoeckerJake Del Rosario- West Side Pride
check in The Fockers- FarrellRocket Fueled

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