Cedar Beach Thursday Schedule


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 8* W.I.T. Steiger * Baked on the Beach - Strollo BEST OF 3 TO 21
Check in Balls Deep - Friel Julie La Spina
Check in Four Play- FiglioliaSettin Sauce- GotterbarnJoe Marino
Check in 5 9ers- BarberaTo Kill a Bocking Nerd- DellorussoFat Boys- Kleppe
Check in Joe Tree- GregKismet Creatures - Renner Nikki Spalma
Check in Sonova Beach- FinkelVan Buren Guys- GervasioChris Morris
Check in Instigator 2- FilippiLauren KaplenJoseph Urban
Check in Touch More Balls- KileyKeith PetryWayne Wright- DeCeglia-Virginia
Check in Boobs and Bals- YarkinTarek Elkaft- A+ TechniqueDig Our Balls- Stubbings
Check in Sets on the Beach- BahlkowLife is Good- GaleaMichael Steele
Check in Serves of Steel- PaleologosParke Pallet- ParkeJoseph Heaney
Check in Daniel GilliganBeach Bumps- McEnteeSandy Balls- Kuntz


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 3* Courtney Breen* Dillies- Allen BEST OF 3 TO 21
Check in Notorius D.I.G.- Carney
Check in Wesley Spikes- ZafiropoulosJordan CregliaHellz Bellz- Beltrami
Check in Moraghan Engineering Pc- MoraghanChristopher SmithCinnamom Pass Crush- Freeman
Check in Sandy Cheeks- FilippiServes You Right- RedesLandshacks- Norton
Check in Beastmode- ScanlonLow Balls- PowellSmack Your Ballz- Burke
Check in Andrew ReynoldsSandy Cheeks 2- ValentinoBig Belly Boys & Girls- Stelz
Check in ZZ- Zamzam


Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 2* Jay Schack* Pat Dipierri BEST OF 3 TO 21
Check in Spiked Punch- FarinoMichael Mireider
Check in The Kickassers- PaciDanielle Varga - Varga BallsPeter Smaldone - Sea Cows
Check in Heather DufficyJonathan LawniczakTeam Ricciardi
Check in Rough Sets- BarnikelTopshelf- HerzingDanielle Jahn
Check in Paul LombardiBringing The Heat- NovyKurt Sandt
Check in Brian HeaslipGPI #2- BarrettSee You Next Thursday- Anderson
Check in Jamie PotucekYou Can't Set With Us- MolenkoServe is Up - Norman
Check in Kim Margan - BallerzDaycationers- WaltersShameless- Justin Hoffman
Check in It Still Works- CianfrognaSteven CarrollDuck and Cover- Psomas
Check in Sand Storm- CoxChico's Bail Bonds- SeayNancy/Joe Esposito
Check in Volley Ballers- CamardaWillie’s Warriors- AsaroBackwood Legit- McDonald
Check in Jason RussoSets on the Beach- PyzPaige Martin- Team Bacon
Check in Laura LombardiLunatics- LyonsHammer Time- Kubovic
Check in Michael Brostowski- Piping PloversMisfits- DieleCharms and Friends- McNicholas
Check in Mother Fritos- MurilloGet Spanked- MaldonadoMetallica- Labruzzi
Check in Rider Grapefruits- Lowe/NickSpiked Punch 2- BacchusGude Times- Hatton
Check in Mike BaumannSean JoyceSet It & Forget It- Castles
Check in Susan ScroSlamin Balls- SteinbergHere for Beer- Crawley
Check in Volley Rockers- WahrenburgDNA- NavaroTerri Hutchinson
Check in Beachcombers- McCarthyJared AndersenDM Volleyball- McCully
Check in Dive Hard- Christina BlasoCock Tocos- MarinelloShane Hoffman-Pugs + J
Check in Big Digs Huge TipsScreaming Clams- MaragniNetVenture- Cordous
Check in That’s What She Set!- RogdakisBrian McenteeTeam Tebow- Sciacca
Check in Michael MontiglioFamily Fighters- ClarkSunsetters- Teemsma
Check in Harvey Ballbangers- HarveySummatimes!- TurkelTeam Schein- Morra
Check in Cassie OlivosSandy Ballz- RanieriBoom Baby!- Johnston
Check in Steve SugumeleSpartans- CamarinosI'd Hit That- Stein
Check in Landsharks- PerezCastaways- DitriaI've Seen Better Digging in a Graveyard - Keneski
Check in Beach Bums- DeRasmoThe Goonies- FernandezChristina Schmidtke
Check in Nicole MilesWack Attack- PagonaMichele Oliveri
Check in All Day Ipa - DiffleyLisa BeratisJoey Says Relax- Distefano
Check in Four Season- TaylorAnnemarie Zito - GerbilsBrian Kenyon
Check in Salty B's- BreinlingerI'd Hit That- WharryWilson's Revenge- Ingoglia
Check in Brad Sajeski- Tropic BlunderGood Vibes- RamoSand,Sweat&Beers- Altbacker
Check in Set to Kill- HunterMassapequa Misfits- SmithGreg Jacques
Check in Sons of Beaches- MoranAndrew SaggesePatron on the Beach- Cooper
Check in Douglas LoPalo/Pat KellyKiss my Ace- CordinerBeach Shooters- Anderson
Check in Jason WicyniskiStephen Curti- Hermit CrabsYo Mammas- Stevens
Check in Michael SeversonWilliam White- The NadsBall Smackers- Cornell
Check in Town of Babylon- OgburnUse your Words- OlivaChristopher Garufi
Check in Sandfleas- RamRough Sets 2- BrownChristopher Rogers
Check in BAE Systems- FitzpatrickLazy Bones- LesterKelly Barry
Check in Kiss My Ace 2- PergolottiSpikaholics- McFaddenBall Busters- Ferrara
Check in William MahanyCrazy Diamonds- MatovichStarfish- Spagnolo
Check in Metro- ThurerAlyssa BompartitoSantos Argueta
Check in Theresa DiMinoMaria RazzanoBall Busters- DeStefano
Check in Balls Out- DennehyBump Set Chug- MaherSpeech on the Beach- Terrone
Check in Shyanne SonnenbergBlockbusters- FlohrTiiu Tambakis
Check in Volleychicks- GinanBrian DavisSet Panthers
Check in Sloppy Joes- BantelTeam Boozies! - PerelmuterDix Hills Fire Dept.- Noriega
Check in Perfect Set- InterranteAdrienne's Team- Pastrana

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