Cedar Beach Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday Men’s A Doubles

Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 13* BillyBob- Lucas (A)* John Cardone (A)Team captains check in before play
* Court 14* Siri-Berge - Siriban (A)* Kevin Sison (A)Team captains check in before play
* Court 13 Winner of Court 13 Winner of Court 14 Best of 3 to 21 (3rd game to 15)
Court 15John Czartosieski (A)Tordik/Bender (A)Rocky and Bullwinkle- Tierney (A)
Court 16Trust the Brahcess- Ricigliano (A)Mills Brothers- Mills (A)Wet Bandits- Mitchell (A)
Court 17Shack Attack- Lischak (A)Asian Fusion- Pumarada (A)Rusty Guns- John O'Connell (A)
check in William Murphy and Mike (A)Sharks- Maniscalco (A)Team 18-Moran (A)
check in Long Island Surf Park- Portera (A)Charles Gravina (A)Michael Silvestri (A)

Wednesday Men’s AA Doubles

Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 7* DP- Mann (AA)Ct. 7 teams' captains please come
* Court 7* Thomas Hirten (AA)* Noah Smitelli (AA)to the desk before games begin
Court 8Mind-blowing Sets- Seely (AA)Munoz- Munoz (AA)Dad Bods- Healey (AA)
Court 9Reis & Fiske (AA)Anthony Marletta (AA)Daniel Godfrey (AA)
Court 10Jamie Schlesinger (AA)David Vogel (AA)OG VB- Rambelle (AA)
check inChill- LaRosa (AA)

Wednesday Recreational 6’s

Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
* Court 2 * The BHC- Kruger* Bumpin Uglies- DiGiovanna - Dan
* Court 3 * Chris GuzzelloWinner of Ct 5 (* I'd Hit That- Gatto ???)
Court 5*? Spike Lee's- SheridanMidweek Break- FisherPatrick Schlosser- Bass Underwriters
Court 6Save the Beaches- Monroig*? Team Claw- McCabeTravis Tordik- ADHD
Court 11Serves You RightMemreez- SparksTeam Joe Tree- Gregg
Court 12Tow Pop Tow- AndersenMatthew LaPorteSon of a Beach-- Elkins
Court 49Kevin Myer-Plan BNicole Apps- GR8 PenetrationTop Gun- O’Connor
Court 50Something Clever- CarroccioCan you dig it?- FisherSets on the Beach 2- Ammirati
Court 51Aura- AuMichael PataneAdecco 2-Destiny's Child
Court 52Beach Candy- IntagliataSets on the Beach 1- DimassimoJoseph Cusimano
Court 53Loose Cannons- DiFazioFlying Zombos- NehrWatch the Beer- Buonaspina
Court 54Rusty Joints- FinkelKristine Teleglow-Bump Set SpikeMighty Plovers- Polak
Court 55Fake News Network (Byrne)Water View- AngiportiHit it Quit it- Fiore
Court 56Rachel GreisCool Ranch- TierneyThe Better Half- Wild
Court 22The Block is Hot- BartleySmack that Ace- WampSets on the Beach 3- Larocca
Court 23Mary Ellen and Alan TenbusJohn HuckeSet to Kill- Hunter
Court 24Natural Disasters- AgtucaBeach Life- GildardTKABN- D'Agostino
Court 25Business Casual- BiscuitiHere for Beer- EifertBall Slappers- Alcus
Court 26We Showed Up- DetollAdam RochlinMichael Kid
Court 27James TrezzaMichael DeSivoHenny Things Possible- Kushner
Court 4Christy Sanders- Here for the High FivesPhil ScottStan'sThe Man- Schrader
Court 43Don't Press Send- MoulderAdecco 1Bill Franko
Court 44The B Team- ChengGlobo Gym Purple Cobras- GavulaBennett Tristano- Ball Busters
Court 45Set to Drink- PerroneHooligans- CookeEmpty Netters
Court 46The Hammers- HartmannKiss My Ace 1- DesimoneSandy Clams- Hotan
Court 47Brendan O'HareJessica TonerAce Holes- Castro
Court 48Courtney McKayOverserved- KissingerAdecco 4- Team Sports
Court 28Land Sharks- ZoitkeCan U Dig It- HoehnJoseph Russo - Block Party
Court 32Una Mas- MurphySoccer Pals- LombardiSonova Bitches- Sanseverino
Court 33Andrea SobocinskiDescending Meteors- SilbermanDat Ace Doe- Chacon
Court 34Stinky Pinkies- SeamanSoaring Gulls- StanisPWC- Gawrych - Public Certified Assassins
Court 35Beach Bumpers- SchmittNew Kids on Court- BlakeMy Buddy Steven- Fiske
Court 36Team 74Baba Booey- ParksAmy Lee - Sloppy Sets
Court 37Windblasters- CangelosiFrank HartmannNeil Cuomo
Court 38Some Spike it Hot- GattiI Thought it was Trivia Night- MillerKick My Ace- Connors
Court 39Sandblasters- SindoneThe Empire Spikes Back- McCabeVicki Layton
Court 40Rick PurdyWonka & the Stink Pickels- ZanfardinoFawty- Odonnell
Court 41Malbec Maniacs- MartinCluster Funk- ORourkeCathy Sellitti-Anything's Possible
Court 42You've Been Served- UngerMelissa Felice - Safe SetsYou've been Served- Doerler
Court 19Biggie Smalls- PalmeseGeorge SpragueBallers- Borgia
Court 20Fireballers- FeboVolley Llamas- KranenbergNotorious D.I.G- Montuori
Court 21Frank PerniolaSpiked Not Sober- CamhiDiamond Diggers- Ellis
Court 29Call Your Shot!- RobertsChicken Cutlets- CardilloSoft Hands- Ballato
Court 30Adecco 3Brew Crew- KettlerCourt Defenders- Kohanim
check in Atlantic Ballbusters- GagnePerfect People plus Bob- ZirbesDune Dalers- Mcguinness
check in TGIW- GagliardiTeam Awesome- WeisblattBallz D- Corrente
check in Ballbusters - Samantha KiewraHit and Miss- PrevidiMeat Pack- Keith
check in Jared PaulsonMilky Piggies- MorckSand Crabs - MacIntosh
check in China Beach- ChinaKiss My Ace 2- LorenzoKinky Sets- Petrunti

Wednesday Women’s A Doubles

Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
check in Celeste & Diana (A) Alison Nahrevar(A)Lanza & Quinn (A)
check in Tyler Abruzzo- Little Giants (A)Set for Life- Stamatiades(A)Ellis Island- Ellis (A)

Wednesday Women’s AA Doubles

Court Team 1Team 2Team 3
DIVISION WINNERWhiffShank&Throw- Spina (AA)
DIVISION 2nd PLACEChristina Butcher (AA)
check in K2- Kessler (AA)Alexa Armenti (AA)
check in Jen Han&Sam- Martinich (AA)Cathy Kelly (AA)Giggly Girls-Korycki (AA)
check inAce or Miss- Hallstein (AA)Lilly BellesBlakely Murphy (AA)

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