Registration and Schedule

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our website by selecting the Register button.

Can I sign up without a team?

We currently only take registrations for teams. Our Facebook page will allow you to interact with other people who might also be looking for a team.

When do the leagues start?

Cedar Beach Leagues will start on MAY 13th 2024

What nights can I play?

Leagues at Cedar Beach run during the week from Monday through Friday. (There are no Sunday night leagues at Cedar Beach.)

Cedar Beach does not officially have make-up games.  However, we have in the past extended the season due to extenuating weather circumstances.  If this occurs, it will be announced. 

What time do the leagues start?

On Mondays through Friday, games begin at 6PM

Do I have to know how to play?

No. We have a Recreational division at every beach for every night of play.  However, there are different skill levels even within the recreational divisions.  However, you should at least be familiar with the concepts of how many people you can have on a court, how to rotate once you are on the court, and the idea of calling for the ball so that you don’t have collisions with other players.  As you play more, you will become more familiar with other rules and gain skills.

Locations and Contact Information

Where are you located?

Our leagues take place at the south shore of Long Island.  Games are in the evenings at Cedar Beach.

At Cedar Beach, you can follow signs to Cedar or to the Salt Shack.  There is a charge for parking prior to 5:00 PM.  The parking lot tends to fill up on busy nights (Weds, Thurs, Fridays).  When it’s full, you will be directed to the Overlook parking lot and then walk back to Cedar Beach. 

How do I contact someone?

For general information, you might be able to find answers to your questions on our website at

Otherwise, our telephone number is (631) 422-5555.

For specific questions or corrections regarding standings or court assignments for Cedar Beach, you can email:

League Types

What level of competition is there?

We have league divisions from beginner all the way up to AA Doubles.  If you are a beginner, your team should register for Recreational 6’s.  We also have Competitive 6’s, which means you should already, at the minimum know the rules of the game, know how to pass and serve the ball, and most of your team has at least intermediate skills.

Do you have clinics so I can learn to play?

We will hold a Youth Clinic on Tuesdays at Cedar Beach from June 28th through August 16th.  

We do not currently have any Adult Clinics scheduled.  However, please feel free to contact us and let us know if you are interested in this.  If there is enough interest, we could consider Adult Clinics in the future.


When is the Make-a-Wish tournament?

The Make-a-Wish Tournament will be held in 

When is the Player Tournament?

The End-of-Year Player Tournament / Party will be held on Saturday

Fees and Payment

What are the team fees?

Team fees are based on the beach, night, and division you select to play in.  If you select your preferred beach from the website, the registration page will show you all the teams fees for the particular league that you play in.

What is a player fee?

Each season, we charge a $30 player fee.  This is a one-time fee for the season.  So if you play on multiple teams or at different beaches, you only need to pay this fee once for the summer. 

Can i get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for deposits only. Once a deposit is made, it is non refundable.

How can I make payments?

When you register on the website, you can pay in full or leave a deposit by credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

You can also choose to mail in a check or pay in cash or check down at the beaches on the first night of play IF YOU REQUESTED IT IN ADVANCE.

How do I get confirmation that I paid?

If you pay in person at the beach, we will give you a paper receipt.  If you pay by check, your cancelled check will be your receipt.  If you pay on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with your payment details.

What if I paid but didn’t get a confirmation email?

Please email us if you did not get confirmation of a payment that you made online.

Can I check my payments or my account online?

Yes, you can use the “Captain’s Login” option on our home page to sign in and see the details of your account.