Top 10 Reasons why People Play in LIVA’s Beach Volleyball Leagues

LIVA leagues have makeup games for any games canceled

Due to rain and don’t flood out each time there is a heavy rainstorm like other leagues volleyball courts (causing even more cancellations).

LIVA league fees are a good value.

In fact you can be paying much higher fees per week with just a few rainouts in other leagues that offer only 12 or 16 weeks of play without any makeup games.

LIVA runs the longest beach volleyball season on Long Island.

We run a total of 18 weeks and have two 9 week league sessions from the middle of May to the middle of July (Spring/Summer) and from the middle of July to the middle of September (Summer/Fall) totaling 18 weeks of play. This gives players the option to play at the beginning of the season or at the end or play in both.

LIVA provides all the equipment you need to play

You don’t need to put down and pull up boundary lines each night you play as in other leagues. Other leagues require teams to do this and to bring down there own balls to play as well. In addition, LIVA provides safety padding around its net standards (poles) to protect our players from injury, other leagues do not.

All LIVA parking is free to our players.

LIVA Beach Volleyball Facilities have huge parking lots for its players. In other leagues you have to drive around and around to find a spot or walk forever to get to the courts to play or in some leagues you have to pay for parking in order to park near the courts.

LIVA Beach Volleyball Facilities ``rock``

As fresh sand is brought in every year and raked throughout the season and LIVA facilities have less of a “wind factor” as they are protected from the surrounding dunes, plants and beach grasses.

Just pack up your coolers and let the good times roll!

Clambake BBQ weeks at Robert Moses and food and beverage service at Jones Beach.

LIVA's experienced staff and coaches

Committed to making our Coed Adult leagues, Youth Clinics, Juniors Leagues and Tournaments as fun, organized and exciting as possible each and every night at both Jones Beach and Robert Moses.

No shoes, No shirt, No problem``. We'll See You on the Beach!!

Fun, Fun, Fun…for our players, their families, coworkers and/or friends. Ocean breezes, warm sand, fresh air, sunsets, sunsets, sunsets…Meet people, make friends and who knows even meet the person of your dreams as has happened many times in our 19 years on the beach.

Does LIVA play music

LIVA provides satellite music every night at both Jones Beach and Robert Moses every night, and DJ nights at both beaches throughout the season.