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1) 6 players on each side.
2) Ratio of 2 females/4 males. 2 females must be on court at all times. If only 1 female, teams can only play with 4 males and will start each game minus 3pts. Minimum to play without forfeiting 1 female/ 2 males. Teams can be all female.
3)Teams must rotate after each sideout. Teams that have 6 or more players can rotate players in after each sideout as well. No substituting offensive/defensive players during each game (teams can change there rotation after each game). To start games: Captains choose it up (odds or evens). Winner serves 1st. Losing team in all following games serves 1st.
4) A ball must be cleanly hit, not held, lifted, pushed or carried.
5) Ball may not be contacted more than 3 times in an effort to return the ball.
6) Blocks don’t count as a contact (if a ball is hit off a block, and lands on the blocking teams side, they are still allowed 3 hits to get the ballover the net.
7) No spiking on the serve.
8) Teams switch sides after every 7 points.
9) No touching the net at any point during play.
10) Losing team serves first for next game.
11) Ball touching any part of the line is in. If the line moves, it’s in.
12) Tossed serves must be hit (if server does not hit the ball it is a fault.)
13) Let serves (serves where the ball contacts the net) are allowed.
14) To determine the serve, odds/evens will be used instead of a volley.
15) Players are responsible for calling their own fouls.
16) The league directors are not responsible for teams missing games.
17) Games are played to 21, cap of 23 RALLY SCORING (teams will get a point regardless of which team serves).
18) The League Directors will have the final decision on all matters. The Directors may and will do whatever is necessary to finish the session, including shortening or changing the number of games.
19) If a team is not prepared to play at the start of their match they shall be penalized one loss for the first 10 minutes, and a loss every five minutes thereafter. You must have at least four players on the court to begin play.
20) Serve -receives are allowed (players are allowed to use open hands to return a ball on a serve.)