LIVA 22nd Annual "Virtual" Benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County from Dec. 17th to Jan. 17th
LIVA is hosting a Virtual Benefit for the Make-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County as our annual Wish Tournament was canceled this year due to Covid19 restrictions. Donations can be made directly here at "LIVA's Virtual Benefit Page" on the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County website. LIVA will be matching total donations up to $5000 dollars. Like many of us we all need help to get through this difficult year and the "Wish" children and families that have been impacted by this pandemic can use our support now more than ever. LIVA asks that all our Members/Players/Corporate Sponsors/State and Town Officials please share this email with your friends, family and employees as the Make-A-Wish kids will greatly benefit from everyone's generosity. If all of our players donate just $1 dollar we can easily reach our goal of $10,000 dollars and make this Virtual Fundraiser just as successful as our previous fundraisers have been over the past 21 years. LIVA 2021 Season Registration: 2021 Season Registration will begin when we get a league start date from NYS for Robert Moses/Jones Beach and the Town of Babylon at Cedar Beach. Updates will be posted on our website/social media. Facility Upgrades at Jones and Cedar Beach: Jones Beach Volleyball Facility: The surrounding West Games area has been completely renovated. The volleyball facility now has new outdoor lighting, new net standards, and a concession area. This was part of the multi-million renovation to the West Games area. Cedar Beach Volleyball Facility: The Town of Babylon has removed the low lying fenced in area in the middle of the courts. They have filled it in with tons of new sand allowing LIVA to move all the back courts up closer to the music and the Salt Shack restaurant. Happy Holidays and a much better year in 2021 to all! We’ll See you on the Beach!
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LIVA 22nd Annual "Virtual" Benefit for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Suffolk County from Dec. 17th to Jan. 17th: