Cedar Beach League Rules and Reminders

Cedar Beach Parking

  • Cedar Beach parking will be free for all players after 5pm. Parking or idling on Ocean Parkway is not permitted as it is a safety hazard and all violators will be ticketed by the police.

  • If you would like to park in the lot prior to 5pm, Cedar Beach has agreed to a discounted parking rate of $10 for all LIVA players between the hours of 4pm-5pm.

Cedar Beach Volleyball Courts, Nets, and Boundary Lines

  • All Cedar Beach volleyball nets are now fully adjustable and can easily be adjusted to any height needed (Juniors, Men’s, Women’s)

  • Boundary lines must be rolled up at the end of each night and hung on the court post by the last losing team on the court.

  • The last winning team must hand-in the clipboard with score sheet and LIVA Ball (if borrowed) to a LIVA staff member. Please be sure to check and verify all team records prior to handing in. Captains must upload their team records or scores on the app or website.

Cedar Beach Game Format

  • Cedar Beach games start at 6pm – all teams have up until 6:30pm to start playing.

  • Each court with three teams will play up to a total of 6 games (play each team twice, if time permits). Based on the time of sunset, not all games can be played. The last game must start by the times listed per date, or otherwise cannot be played.

  • If there are two teams on a court (due to one team not showing),
    you play the same team a total of four times, and each team will
    receive an additional 2 wins (please write No Show next to the team that did not show). The forfeiting team will receive a record of 0-4 for that night. If you are the only team on a court (due to 2 teams not showing), please see a LIVA staff member to reassign your team to another court.

  • Female Players (6’s only): If a team is down one female (with 4 or less males), the team will start down 3 points (0-3). A team without any females on a team will receive a forfeit for all games. No more than 4 males are allowed on the court at once. There must be a minimum of 3 players on the court to start/play a game.

No Shows/Forfeits

  • If a team knows they cannot play a specific date and they alert a LIVA staff member at least one week prior to their game day, they can be removed from the schedule without receiving a forfeit (0-0). Teams that do not show the day of play or give less than one weeks’ notice, will be considered a forfeit and receive four losses (0-4).

  • Please contact the appropriate LIVA Staff member for any standings or scheduling inquiries based on the day you play: