Standings after 8/6/18 games – Updated 08/13/2018

Monday Recreational 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Travis Tordik45170.726
Jennifer Van Wie48190.716
Quick Service- Langella45200.692
Spanakospikas- Scarpias43200.683
Hornets- Woodward46220.676
Kurt Sandt37190.661
No More Work- Coffman43230.652
Ale House Aces- Fischetti41230.641
Shaneless- Impellizeri41230.641
Laura Petrozzo42250.627
Fay Vail - How I Set Your Mother41250.621
Team Blau- Blau40250.615
Mark Horak - Oldies but Goodies40260.606
Replacement Clams- Morrisroe40260.606
Shane Gordon40260.606
Dirty Henks & the Boys- Geluso39260.600
Rebecca Marciano39260.600
Sandy Cheeks- Fitzgerald37260.587
Hit It Quit It- Heaphy38270.585
Annie Cheng-Chu38280.576
Hauppauge Honey Jacks- Blau38280.576
Steve Sugumele35260.574
We always get it up- Sanicola36270.571
Samantha Scarano - Yub Nub36280.563
Spikey Meatballs- DiTaranto37290.561
Devin Sellitti35280.556
Giddy Up- Luball35280.556
Jack Monteserrato32260.552
Wallflowers- Bindell35290.547
Jonathan and Irena Waga36300.545
Raich Ende Malter- Brown36300.545
Silly Sea Monkeys- Keaney36300.545
Alexandra Lewis33280.541
I'd Hit That- Giambruno34290.540
Wantagh Waves- Pinciotto37320.536
Beach Bumps- McEntee35310.530
Savo Buffaloes- Stosch35310.530
Daniel Collins29260.527
Beach Bums- Marshall33300.524
Jason Gajowski34310.523
Danielle Golub35320.522
By The Balls28260.519
Party Poopers- Stoehr33310.516
Sandy Ballz- Ciullo33310.516
Notorious DIG- Corr19180.514
Bumps- Steward34330.507
Amanda Chan32320.500
Bad Knees Bears- Pinciotto33330.500
Block It Scientists- Garifo31310.500
Dawn Baker33330.500
Jessica Ras27270.500
Michael Patane32320.500
Serve-ivors- Ritter29290.500
Serving Shots- Horan32320.500
Volley Llamas- Valderrama34340.500
Notorius D.I.G. 2- Michalek32330.492
Eileen Schroeder31320.492
Unprotected Sets- Gioia29300.492
Spiked Punch (Kavneet Baweja)26270.491
Islanders- Trifiletti33350.485
Aces Kings and Queens- Diaks32340.485
Who cares32340.485
Michael Simonetti30320.484
Dalers 2017- Ciullo32360.471
Notorius D.I.G.1- Febo32360.471
750 a Day- Larsen30340.469
$wag Yolo - Taylor Hannaberry29330.468
Cooking with Hartz- Hartz30350.462
PCH Volleyball- McCully29350.453
Go Nads- Teitelbaum28340.452
Sets on the Beach- LaVelle28340.452
Dada Beach- Simon27330.450
Jessica Carney30380.441
Amongst the Waves- McElroy29370.439
Anthony Weber29370.439
Gru Crew- Gruener29370.439
Sets on the Beach- Durant27350.435
Bumpin’ Uglies- Schubert30390.435
Jake Del Rosario- West Side Pride24320.429
Dirty Birds- Roy29390.426
The Shorties27380.415
Cobras- Gilliar28400.412
Beaches and Balls (Koumourdas)25360.410
Anthony Sellitti27390.409
Colleen Meyer26380.406
WW Spiked Punch- Bendetti26390.400
Ball Busters- Argueta25380.397
Kick My Ace- Viola22350.386
Misfits- Reid25400.385
Rocket Fueled25410.379
1 More Year- Obrien24410.369
Bumps & Humps- Battista24420.364
Póg Mo Thóin- Stoecker16300.348
WW Setting Ducks- Bendetti21440.323
The Fockers- Farrell16360.308
Emma Rivers10330.233
Heather Archer11390.220
Bulls- Bozzo5420.106
Monday Out For Fun- Pohl4380.095

Monday Competitve 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Sean Healey47140.770
Dilly Dillies- Allen37220.627
Jacob Waga- Wagang38230.623
Raybands- Cerulla38250.603
Really!- Darvid37250.597
Sandy Craxxx- Cunningham37250.597
FSU- Borges38260.594
Vodka Juniors- Correa32220.593
Sun's Out Guns Out- Gallagher33260.559
Wilson's Revenge- Fredlake32280.533
Sons of Beaches 2- Berna34300.531
Net Ninjas- Jacqueline Petrow32290.525
Rule #76- Kendrick33300.524
Tyler Gostkowski- The Beached Whales33300.524
Sorelosers- Rauch29270.518
Parking Meters- Pope31290.517
Sandpit Ninjas- Kahrs29300.492
Volley Llamas- Hartley31340.477
Sun's of Beaches- Melesh31350.470
Safe Sets- Reese22260.458
Alex Chirichella- Anal Sets29350.453
Notorius Dig- Jacoby28350.444
Red Dawgs- Schroeder28350.444
Sean Etherson-Can You Dig It22360.379
Lisa Maraia18330.353
Samantha Perez19350.352

Monday 4’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
David Vogel52110.825
Tender Topspin- Perry37230.617
Creature Crushers- Ferrugiari33210.611
I'd Hit That- Sorrentino37240.607
YCSO- Shala32220.593
Michael Schlesinger31230.574
Digheads - Rob Hart 13100.565
Snobby Shores- Rubin36280.563
Will Flohr32250.561
Neighbors- Serpe30260.536
EZ-Pass- Radigan31290.517
Sandy Shorts- Wetzel32330.492
Jeanne Beckmann28300.483
Scott Loetman29320.475
Bud Light Bandits- Ferrugiari30340.469
That's what She Said- O'Shaughnessy30350.462
Beach Bums- Steinmuller29340.460
Bay Shore Beyondies- Hassel26350.426
How I Set Your Mother- Ferrugiari25340.424
Super Spike Bros- Bellantuono27380.415
Hit faced21330.389
Freight Guys13420.236

Standings after 8/7/2018 games

Tuesday Recreational 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Tuesday are for Hookups- Lupa5060.893
Team Bring It- Ippolito45170.726
Drop the Spike- Bartley43190.694
Matt Smith- Bump and Grind43210.672
Joseph Graf40200.667
Maga- Esposito42210.667
Vibin' Volleys- Philip Handler38200.655
Folly for Serve- Hutchins41220.651
John Kender- Sandy Cheeks35200.636
Samantha Burke42240.636
Ron Feuring30180.625
Sand Storm-Stacy Cox40240.625
Anna Tortorici- I'll Tell You Later38230.623
Judy Ann DiFranco- Beers, Balls, and Babes41250.621
Whack Attack- Pagona37230.617
Holly Haskell40250.615
I'd Hit That Koster25160.610
Brandon Hughes39250.609
More Cowbell- Winter38250.603
Briant's Beach Bums- Pastrana41270.603
Joseph Musso36240.600
Brunch N' Bumps- Sloat37260.587
Kookslam- Speer34240.586
Loaded Coronas - Pohmer34250.576
Thunder- Keyes35260.574
Fun in the Sun- McMahon31240.564
No Sets in Champagne Room- Cardoso27210.563
VBPP- Dezago36280.563
Bryan Kuhl32250.561
Sea Squirrels- Palamaro35280.556
Sandy Dalers28230.549
Team Schein!- Morra27230.540
Michael Manic29250.537
Allison Schmitt30260.536
Sloppy Sets- Shivers34300.531
Bump Set Drink- Sciacca28250.528
Intaxicated- Navaro31280.525
Sets on the Beach- Gibbone32290.525
Jim Lenox33300.524
Toni-Marie Milito Periwinkles35320.522
L. I. Spiked Seltzers- Adams28260.519
Balls Deep- Chivvis33310.516
Ashley Gilliland26250.510
Robs Slobs Robert Schmeltz29280.509
West Islip Bagels- Arnold29280.509
Douglas Dargis28280.500
Fabricio Bran31310.500
Spikin' Ain't Easy- Christina Yacobell22220.500
Anthony Brandofino32330.492
Lobstahs- Pontieri32330.492
Gabe's Team- Richardson26270.491
4:03 to Babylon- Ansanelli25260.490
Notorious D.I.G.- Duarte25270.481
Below Average Joes- Kramer29320.475
BnB- Kavitt29320.475
Frostbite Toes- Galati28310.475
Bridget Dart29330.468
El Kabong-Shapiro22260.458
Sets with Lights On- Briffa27320.458
Angelica Castro30370.448
I'd Hit That 3- Sadowski28350.444
Gail Nedbalsky- True Blue31390.443
Mary Roth Regan/D. Nebalsky- Never Near the Bar27340.443
I'd Hit That 2- Nicole26340.433
Keller Williams Realty Elect24320.429
Blood Sweat and Beers- Vecchione23310.426
Volleygirls- Campbell22300.423
Lindsay Maresca24330.421
You’ve Been Served- Duarte25350.417
HLA- Pumilio22320.407
Bumpsticks- Alan Howard23340.404
Marcos Esquandolas- Mack19330.365
Sunation Solar Systems- Carrara17300.362
Shane's Squad- Salanitri20380.345
Jennifer Weber- Sets on Da Beach17370.315
Sea Weed- Mascellaro14360.280
Sayville Young Guns- Dargis13350.271
The Procrastinators- Ron Conce11300.268
Sun Set Setters - Wright9380.191
VMCLI-Kristin Stephens3290.094

Tuesday Women’s 4’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Coming in Hot- Pittas35160.686
Nicole Vovou30210.588
Swanson Thunder- Undari27260.509
Soccer Beaches- Smith25260.490
Christina Gjodesen23240.489
Cristina Reale-Shanker28300.483
Mermaid Diggers- Sarah Eve16370.302

Tuesday Competitve 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Annmarie Senk45160.738
T.M.T- Restrepo38160.704
Frederic Cianciulli36200.643
That's What She Set- Gambler30170.638
VuCrew- Smith29180.617
Blockasaurus Rex- Maguire35230.603
Garbage Pail Kids- Kushner36240.600
ZZ- Zamzam32230.582
Longevity- Martocci33250.569
Parking Meters- Pope29220.569
Islanders- Colleran27230.540
Takey Bandits- Occhipinti34290.540
Patti Bigliani32280.533
Alexander- Alexander31280.525
Chicken Cutlets- Wilhelm29270.518
Sand Diggers- Gallucci33310.516
Island Girl- Heffernan29280.509
Gotta Get Away- Bianco30290.508
What Happens- Gleicher32310.508
Team United- Campbell25250.500
Tricia Sheehan30310.492
F.I.S.H. on the Court- Stelmach29300.492
Parker and the Parkettes- Parker29310.483
Tim Grant25270.481
Kiss My Ace- Tamayo28330.459
Breaded Chicken Cutlets- Hickey27340.443
How I Set Your Mother- Ferrari27340.443
Extreme- Hassan23330.411
Vivo Loco- Maceo22340.393
Sandblasters- Phillips21350.375
C U Next Tuesday-Caparco15260.366
Shane Hoffman0240.000

Tuesday Competitve 4’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Raining Dimes- Comens44100.815
Each Hit and Die- Okulski41110.788
Saggy Tips- Jones40170.702
Shoot the Shot- Karagrozis35160.686
Dig This- Lertora34170.667
Rough Sets- Ambrosio40200.667
Matthew Grace33180.647
Unprotected Sets- Artura31170.646
Team Vetro- Bargellini34190.642
Robert Steinberg31180.633
Dan Feuring30180.625
Ariel Taveras33200.623
Dysfunctional- DeNigris28180.609
Companionship- Sturtz26170.605
Patrick Smith30200.600
Sonny Donchek35240.593
Daniel Godfrey32230.582
Hodge Pogde- Wood25180.581
Team Sloggs- Amberge33240.579
Get Wik'd- Wixted26190.578
Daniel Rogers29220.569
Steve Smith-Setting Ducks32260.552
Fran Gacek23200.535
Michael Schlesinger25220.532
Nash Birnholz25220.532
Richard Pepper25220.532
Digheads- Hart26230.531
Dig Our Balls- Stubbings28250.528
Nicolas Dopico- Bed Gear28260.519
Sets on the Beach- Tufano29270.518
Christa Corritore22210.512
Dig Our Balls- Jaisle25240.510
CFL Surfs Up- Fraser25250.500
Hot Boy Susie20200.500
Don Hoffman28290.491
Touch More Balls- Kiley25270.481
Bulldawgs- Biscardi27300.474
Paver Savers- Press26290.473
Mitchell Kushner24270.471
Notorious D.I.G (Jen Hayen)23260.469
Rippin n Tearin- Rufe26300.464
Team Chaos-Macginley22280.440
Blue Thunder- Lomot25320.439
Black and Gold Diggers- Korman24310.436
Aija Griffith-Haynes23300.434
Sunsation-Scott/ Carrara25340.424
John Cardone22330.400
Chris Morris21320.396
Michael Steele EM & MM22340.393
TJ McGurk20330.377
Four Play- Schenendorf19330.365
Spiked Punch- Romano23410.359
Set it Up- Ome14280.333
Washed Up- Pullan19380.333
VH Gang- Mussinan15320.319
Michael Nadboy16360.308
Diggin and Swinging- Wixted8460.148

Standings after 8/8/18 games – Updated 8/15/2018

Wednesday Recreational 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
I'd Hit That- Gatto45150.750
The BHC- Kruger43150.741
Chris Guzzello42170.712
Save the Beaches- Monroig41170.707
Top Gun- O’Connor40180.690
Spike Lee's- Sheridan40190.678
Bumpin Uglies- DiGiovanna - Dan40200.667
Midweek Break- Fisher39200.661
Team Claw- McCabe35190.648
Son of a Beach-- Elkins38210.644
The Better Half- Wild36200.643
Beach Candy- Intagliata34190.642
Something Clever- Carroccio34190.642
Cool Ranch- Tierney37210.638
Memreez- Sparks38220.633
Tow Pop Tow- Andersen38220.633
Bennett Tristano- Ball Busters38220.633
John Hucke34200.630
Can you dig it?- Fisher39230.629
Joseph Cusimano36220.621
Business Casual- Biscuiti37230.617
Mary Ellen and Alan Tenbus37230.617
Sets on the Beach 2- Ammirati37230.617
Serves You Right35220.614
Michael Patane36230.610
Travis Tordik- ADHD31200.608
Rusty Joints- Finkel34220.607
Nicole Apps- GR8 Penetration32210.604
Don't Press Send- Moulder35230.603
Team Joe Tree- Gregg35230.603
Fake News Network (Byrne)36240.600
Henny Things Possible- Kushner33220.600
Patrick Schlosser- Bass Underwriters36240.600
Kevin Myer-Plan B35240.593
We Showed Up- Detoll33230.589
Matthew LaPorte34240.586
TKABN- D'Agostino34250.576
Flying Zombos- Nehr35260.574
Michael DeSivo35260.574
Christy Sanders- Here for the High Fives34260.567
Sandy Clams- Hotan34260.567
Smack that Ace- Wamp34260.567
The Block is Hot- Bartley34260.567
Aura- Au35270.565
Stan'sThe Man- Schrader31240.564
PWC- Gawrych - Public Certified Assassins33260.559
Rachel Greis29230.558
Hit it Quit it- Fiore30240.556
Sets on the Beach 3- Larocca30240.556
Bill Franko32260.552
Set to Kill- Hunter32260.552
Adecco 2-Destiny's Child33270.550
Brendan O'Hare33270.550
Here for Beer- Eifert33270.550
The Hammers- Hartmann33270.550
Watch the Beer- Buonaspina33270.550
Soft Hands- Ballato30250.545
Ball Slappers- Alcus31260.544
Natural Disasters- Agtuca32270.542
Water View- Angiporti32270.542
Loose Cannons- DiFazio34290.540
Michael Kid29250.537
Beach Life- Gildard32280.533
James Trezza32280.533
Kristine Teleglow-Bump Set Spike32280.533
Phil Scott32280.533
Land Sharks- Zoitke33290.532
Sets on the Beach 1- Dimassimo28250.528
Call Your Shot!- Roberts30270.526
Andrea Sobocinski31290.517
Mighty Plovers- Polak31290.517
Sonova Bitches- Sanseverino31290.517
Dat Ace Doe- Chacon32300.516
Diamond Diggers- Ellis29280.509
Beach Bumpers- Schmitt30290.508
Frank Perniola30300.500
Hooligans- Cooke31310.500
Joseph Russo - Block Party29290.500
The B Team- Cheng27270.500
Globo Gym Purple Cobras- Gavula29300.492
Kiss My Ace 1- Desimone29300.492
Overserved- Kissinger28290.491
Ace Holes- Castro28300.483
Frank Hartmann28310.475
Neil Cuomo28310.475
TGIW- Gagliardi26290.473
Kick My Ace- Connors25280.472
Baba Booey- Parks24270.471
Jessica Toner23260.469
Can U Dig It- Hoehn29330.468
Descending Meteors- Silberman29330.468
Fawty- Odonnell29330.468
Volley Llamas- Kranenberg29330.468
Cathy Sellitti-Anything's Possible28320.467
Stinky Pinkies- Seaman27310.466
Adecco 4- Team Sports26300.464
Empty Netters26300.464
Amy Lee - Sloppy Sets25290.463
Set to Drink- Perrone25290.463
Una Mas- Murphy27320.458
Team 7425300.455
Sandblasters- Sindone28340.452
My Buddy Steven- Fiske26320.448
Adecco 125310.446
Courtney McKay25310.446
You've Been Served- Unger25310.446
Rick Purdy27340.443
Adecco 326330.441
Some Spike it Hot- Gatti22280.440
Adam Rochlin25320.439
Biggie Smalls- Palmese28360.438
The Empire Spikes Back- McCabe26340.433
Atlantic Ballbusters- Gagne27360.429
Soaring Gulls- Stanis24320.429
Vicki Layton26350.426
Wonka & the Stink Pickels- Zanfardino26350.426
Sand Crabs - MacIntosh20270.426
Cluster Funk- ORourke25340.424
Melissa Felice - Safe Sets26360.419
Court Defenders- Kohanim23320.418
Jared Paulson23320.418
Brew Crew- Kettler25350.417
Soccer Pals- Lombardi25350.417
Ballz D- Corrente21300.412
Fireballers- Febo24350.407
I Thought it was Trivia Night- Miller23340.404
Malbec Maniacs- Martin24360.400
George Sprague25380.397
New Kids on Court- Blake24370.393
Chicken Cutlets- Cardillo20310.392
Dune Dalers- Mcguinness21340.382
You've been Served- Doerler20330.377
Notorious D.I.G- Montuori20340.370
Spiked Not Sober- Camhi18310.367
Kiss My Ace 2- Lorenzo22390.361
Windblasters- Cangelosi20360.357
Perfect People plus Bob- Zirbes21380.356
Hit and Miss- Previdi17350.327
Hot Mess- Gidget T17350.327
Ballers- Borgia16340.320
Team Awesome- Weisblatt18410.305
Ballbusters - Samantha Kiewra14350.286
China Beach- China12310.279
Meat Pack- Keith4160.200
Milky Piggies- Morck8320.200
Kinky Sets- Petrunti1250.038

Wednesday Men’s A Doubles

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
John Czartosieski (A)38120.760
BillyBob- Lucas (A)34130.723
Kevin Sison (A)29170.630
Tordik/Bender (A)34200.630
Siri-Berge - Siriban (A)32200.615
Shack Attack- Lischak (A)33250.569
Trust the Brahcess- Ricigliano (A)31240.564
Rocky and Bullwinkle- Tierney (A)30240.556
Wet Bandits- Mitchell (A)27220.551
Mills Brothers- Mills (A)24220.522
Long Island Surf Park- Portera (A)28260.519
Team 18-Moran (A)27260.509
William Murphy and Mike (A)23230.500
Dylan Sellitti (A)23270.460
Michael Silvestri (A)23270.460
John Cardone (A)22270.449
Ryan & Ruv- Ruvio (A)24300.444
Sharks- Maniscalco (A)24300.444
Asian Fusion- Pumarada (A)24310.436
Jiggy Sauce-Townsend (A)20260.435
Charles Gravina (A)20270.426
CJ Johnson (A)19360.345
Turi 7200.259
Rusty Guns- John O'Connell (A)9270.250

Wednesday Men’s AA Doubles

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
DP- Mann (AA)36140.720
Bing 2- Steinberg (AA)32160.667
Thomas Hirten (AA)29200.592
Noah Smitelli (AA)31220.585
Anthony Marletta (AA)26190.578
Dark Horse- Grace (AA)23210.523
Jamie Schlesinger (AA)23210.523
Dad Bods- Healey (AA)25230.521
David Vogel (AA)25260.490
Reis & Fiske (AA)24250.490
Mind-blowing Sets- Seely (AA)27290.482
Chill- LaRosa (AA)22260.458
Munoz- Munoz (AA)22260.458
Daniel Godfrey (AA)22300.423
OG VB- Rambelle (AA)20320.385
AJ Fitzgerald (AA)8240.250
Sidon & Skonberg- Sidon (AA)7250.219

Wednesday Women’s A Doubles

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Alison Nahrevar(A)29160.644
Lanza & Quinn (A)15140.517
Tyler Abruzzo- Little Giants (A)18220.450
Set for Life- Stamatiades(A)17230.425
Celeste & Diana (A) 9130.409
Ellis Island- Ellis (A)6280.176

Wednesday Women’s AA Doubles

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Christina Butcher (AA)25110.694
K2- Kessler (AA)26160.619
Ace or Miss- Hallstein (AA)22150.595
Lillies Billies (AA)22170.564
WhiffShank&Throw- Spina (AA)20170.541
Blakely Murphy (AA)20180.526
Cathy Kelly (AA)20180.526
Jen Han&Sam- Martinich (AA)23210.523
Giggly Girls-Korycki (AA)20250.444
Alexa Armenti (AA)16240.400
FDT- Nix (AA)16270.372
A&C (AA)4260.133

Standings after 8/9/18 games – Updated 8/16/2018

Thursday Recreational 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Jay Schack56160.778
Pat Dipierri51190.729
Jonathan Lawniczak48220.686
Spiked Punch- Farino47220.681
Topshelf- Herzing49230.681
The Kickassers- Paci47230.671
Danielle Jahn45230.662
Peter Smaldone - Sea Cows43220.662
Team Ricciardi46240.657
Heather Dufficy45250.643
Michael Mireider42240.636
Steven Carroll42240.636
Backwood Legit- McDonald38220.633
Danielle Varga - Varga Balls44260.629
Sand Storm- Cox43260.623
Daycationers- Walters41250.621
Willie’s Warriors- Asaro39240.619
Lunatics- Lyons44280.611
Laura Lombardi42270.609
I'd Hit That- Stein40260.606
Nancy/Joe Esposito36240.600
Rough Sets- Barnikel39260.600
Kurt Sandt43290.597
Sets on the Beach- Pyz43290.597
Summatimes!- Turkel43290.597
Paige Martin- Team Bacon41280.594
Chico's Bail Bonds- Seay42290.592
Duck and Cover- Psomas42290.592
Slamin Balls- Steinberg39270.591
Wack Attack- Pagona40280.588
Jason Russo40290.580
DNA- Navaro37270.578
Kim Margan - Ballerz41300.577
Metallica- Labruzzi38280.576
Rider Grapefruits- Lowe/Nick38290.567
Mother Fritos- Murillo39300.565
Team Schein- Morra35270.565
It Still Works- Cianfrogna40310.563
Shameless- Justin Hoffman40310.563
Volley Ballers- Camarda41320.562
Hammer Time- Kubovic39310.557
Get Spanked- Maldonado40320.556
Sean Joyce40320.556
Cassie Olivos38310.551
Here for Beer- Crawley39320.549
Misfits- Diele39320.549
See You Next Thursday- Anderson39320.549
Volley Rockers- Wahrenburg39320.549
Michael Brostowski- Piping Plovers35290.547
Set It & Forget It- Castles36300.545
Greg Jacques37310.544
DM Volleyball- McCully38320.543
I'd Hit That- Wharry38330.535
Susan Scro39340.534
Steve Sugumele35310.530
Joey Says Relax- Distefano36320.529
Gude Times- Hatton37330.529
Massapequa Misfits- Smith38340.528
Mike Baumann39350.527
Landsharks- Perez35320.522
The Goonies- Fernandez35320.522
Kiss my Ace- Cordiner36330.522
Brian Heaslip37340.521
Douglas LoPalo/Pat Kelly38350.521
Shyanne Sonnenberg33310.516
Four Season- Taylor34320.515
Sand,Sweat&Beers- Altbacker35330.515
Annemarie Zito - Gerbils36340.514
Spiked Punch 2- Bacchus37350.514
Team Tebow- Sciacca37350.514
Christina Schmidtke38360.514
I've Seen Better Digging in a Graveyard - Keneski32310.508
Beach Bums- DeRasmo34330.507
Michael Montiglio34330.507
Andrew Saggese35340.507
Spartans- Camarinos35340.507
Bringing The Heat- Novy36350.507
Family Fighters- Clark36350.507
William White- The Nads36350.507
Boom Baby!- Johnston36360.500
Brad Sajeski- Tropic Blunder37370.500
Good Vibes- Ramo35350.500
Harvey Ballbangers- Harvey36360.500
Paul Lombardi37370.500
Sandy Ballz- Ranieri35350.500
Yo Mammas- Stevens35350.500
Wilson's Revenge- Ingoglia35360.493
Sandfleas- Ram34350.493
Charms and Friends- McNicholas32330.492
Sons of Beaches- Moran35370.486
Terri Hutchinson35370.486
Nicole Miles34360.486
Patron on the Beach- Cooper34360.486
Castaways- Ditria33350.485
Big Digs Huge Tips29310.483
Ball Busters- Ferrara34370.479
Balls Out- Dennehy34370.479
Lisa Beratis34380.472
William Mahany34380.472
Beach Shooters- Anderson33370.471
Cock Tocos- Marinello33370.471
Michele Oliveri36410.468
Salty B's- Breinlinger34390.466
Beachcombers- McCarthy32370.464
Brian Mcentee32370.464
Shane Hoffman-Pugs + J32370.464
Volleychicks- Ginan32370.464
Screaming Clams- Maragni31360.463
Stephen Curti- Hermit Crabs30350.462
Ball Smackers- Cornell29340.460
All Day Ipa - Diffley33390.458
Brian Kenyon33390.458
That’s What She Set!- Rogdakis33390.458
Use your Words- Oliva33390.458
Sloppy Joes- Bantel27320.458
Kelly Barry32380.457
Set to Kill- Hunter32380.457
Jared Andersen31370.456
Brian Davis30370.448
Jason Wicyniski33410.446
Team Boozies! - Perelmuter30380.441
Spikaholics- McFadden31400.437
Michael Severson30390.435
Bump Set Chug- Maher25330.431
Town of Babylon- Ogburn30400.429
Dix Hills Fire Dept.- Noriega28380.424
Lazy Bones- Lester28380.424
GPI #2- Barrett30410.423
Rough Sets 2- Brown30410.423
Sunsetters- Teemsma30410.423
Blockbusters- Flohr26360.419
Alyssa Bompartito28390.418
Crazy Diamonds- Matovich28390.418
NetVenture- Cordous29410.414
Santos Argueta29420.408
Christopher Rogers28420.400
Christopher Garufi27410.397
Set Panthers23350.397
BAE Systems- Fitzpatrick27430.386
Dive Hard- Christina Blaso25410.379
Theresa DiMino22380.367
Tiiu Tambakis23400.365
Kiss My Ace 2- Pergolotti25440.362
Maria Razzano22390.361
Speech on the Beach- Terrone23410.359
Jamie Potucek24430.358
Ball Busters- DeStefano23420.354
Perfect Set- Interrante22410.349
Metro- Thurer24450.348
You Can't Set With Us- Molenko23460.333
Starfish- Spagnolo23470.329
Adrienne's Team- Pastrana14390.264
Serve is Up - Norman12380.240

Thursday Competitive 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Courtney Breen48160.750
Wesley Spikes- Zafiropoulos36200.643
Notorius D.I.G.- Carney42250.627
ZZ- Zamzam42250.627
Dillies- Allen37260.587
Jordan Creglia37300.552
Beastmode- Scanlon34280.548
Christopher Smith35300.538
Cinnamom Pass Crush- Freeman35300.538
Hellz Bellz- Beltrami34310.523
Low Balls- Powell30280.517
Landshacks- Norton33320.508
Moraghan Engineering Pc- Moraghan32320.500
Sandy Cheeks- Filippi34340.500
Serves You Right- Redes34340.500
Andrew Reynolds30340.469
Smack Your Ballz- Burke31390.443
Sandy Cheeks 2- Valentino27340.443
Big Belly Boys & Girls- Stelz6560.097

Thursday Competitive 4’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
W.I.T.- Steiger4690.836
Baked on the Beach- Strollo41230.641
Balls Deep- Friel29170.630
Julie La Spina38230.623
Four Play- Figliolia38240.613
Fat Boys- Kleppe36250.590
Joe Tree- Greg28200.583
Settin Sauce- Gotterbarn35250.583
To Kill a Bocking Nerd- Dellorusso35250.583
Joe Marino36260.581
Nikki Spalma36260.581
Sonova Beach- Finkel33280.541
Joseph Urban35300.538
Dig Our Balls- Stubbings31270.534
5 9ers- Barbera34300.531
Chris Morris34320.515
Kismet Creatures- Renner33320.508
Touch More Balls- Kiley30300.500
Michael Steele34350.493
Van Buren Guys- Gervasio32340.485
Joseph Heaney28310.475
Lauren Kaplen22260.458
Sets on the Beach- Bahlkow32400.444
Boobs and Bals- Yarkin26330.441
Instigator 2- Filippi28370.431
Keith Petry26350.426
Tarek Elkaft- At Technique27370.422
Wayne Wright- DeCeglia-Virginia26370.413
Daniel Gilligan26400.394
Life is Good- Galea23370.383
Serves of Steel- Paleologos24430.358
Parke Pallet- Parke19450.297
Sandy Balls- Kuntz14420.250
Beach Bumps- McEntee10420.192

Standings after 8/10/2018 games – Updated 8/17/2018

Friday Recreational 6’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Sets on the Beach 3-Nicoletta DiCocco50160.758
Hot like Sauce-Laura Petrozzo48190.716
Kiss MY Ace-Joseph Whitenack47210.691
Theresa Gannon-Where's Theresa?45210.682
Justin Schwartz- LI Canvas & Upholstry41210.661
Michael Cruciata40210.656
Diggers-Nicholas Kreutzberg41240.631
Samantha Coppola40250.615
Joe Stack36230.610
Wait What-Christopher Dauenhauer36230.610
Bumpin Uglies-Chris Kuhnla40260.606
Rory Forlano26170.605
James Migliaro- Set on My Face37250.597
Set to Kill-Teresa Hunter38260.594
Balls Out-Jason Hargraves33230.589
Pat Lee - Beach Ballers34240.586
Christopher Louie- Volley Club34250.576
Past our Prime-Melissa McManaman34250.576
Ball Busters- Devito27200.574
Joe Tree-Carleen Gregg35270.565
Paul Lombardi36280.563
Village Idiots-Lori Brennan36280.563
Sets on the Beach 1-Fabiana De Sena34280.548
Kevin Fischer34290.540
Practice Safe Sets-Bridget Phillips34290.540
Team Ibuprofen-Marcos Barrios32280.533
Tom McCullough- Hulkster32290.525
Crop Top Bandits-Sean Joyce29280.509
Happy Hour- Michelle Krabill29280.509
Team Smith-Adriana Smith30290.508
Hit That-Kevin Anglim31300.508
Smacking Balls-Christiann Febo32310.508
Buns of Steel-Nicholas DeFranco28280.500
Pete Cozcolino33330.500
Stephanie Bianca27280.491
Nasty Lovelies- Iriana Jacobo19200.487
Net Ninjas-Michele Matera31330.484
Perkis Power-Jackie Bauer31330.484
Wilson's Warriors-Lisamarie Curley29310.483
Setnanigans-Jennifer Mallon33360.478
Patrick O'Connell28320.467
Spike Mule'-Alyssa Healey25300.455
Strikers 1- Kristy Carlson25300.455
Sun Setters-Shannon Musmacker30360.455
Left Out!-Nancy Redelman29360.446
BYOB-Brian Demato28360.438
Balls Deep-Neil Chivvis21290.420
The Chapsticks-Kelly Clemente27390.409
Rocket Fueled-Mike Dixon22320.407
Not Our Day Job-Anthony Amen21310.404
Colleen Tabala- Team Spike22330.400
El Pollo Locos-John Morena24370.393
Karen Gorman21350.375
Bellmore Bombers-Kathy Whelan17310.354
Dirty Dalers-John Dejewski18330.353
Salty Balls - Barbara Steinberg19380.333
Pita-Sarah Eckardt - Wild Things18430.295
Misfits-Keri Philcox9300.231
LaFamilia Blakely Murphy8290.216
Brittany Tibaldi4340.105
Just Dig It2320.059

Friday Competitive 2’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Team Leo-Theo Santo34120.739
Team B&B - Burt23190.548
Mark & Erika Dannenfelser16270.372
Anderson-Alicia Anderson9260.257
Team B&B - Brewer3150.167
Notorious D.I.G.-Giavanna Glaser5260.161

Friday Juniors

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
KP Girls- Gahan45180.714
Smash and Pass- Corr50210.704
Net Ninjas- Grindel45230.662
Notorius D.I.G.- DellaCroce33290.532
Commack Cougars- Briordy32310.508
Flaming Hot Cheetos21230.477
Susan Kajetanowicz- Sand Crabs26300.464
Lady Lions- Alessi33400.452
Commack Wildkats- Rutigliano18230.439
Samantha Vinas NB Blockers21270.438
Brooke Gilmore23310.426
Strikers- Carlson9430.173

Friday Juniors 2’s

TeamTotal Wins Total Losses W/L Pct
Bulldogs-Tyler Garvey45160.738
Sugar and Spike-Celine Singh38280.576
BMW-Liam Monahan37290.561
Liam Jordan- LVB31340.477
Gontowicz- VRV24270.471
Kennedy-Dead Presidents11350.239
Donlike Warriors-Meaghan Lang8390.170
HP & A Dream3310.088
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