Jones Beach Standing

Jones Beach Sunday 6:15pm

TeamsPoints Total
Networthless (Iris Delgado)20*
U-Strong (Nolan Dunkley)9
Sandtastic Six (Mikhel Suarez)12*
Beaches and Whine (Robert Picariello)6
Balls Deep in the Sand (Theresa Hunter)6
The Titans (Nirav Shah)10*
Sets on the Beach (Alyssa Paterson)16*
How I Set Your Mother (Scott Silberb..)12*
The Volley Llamas (Christine McManus)2
Stingrays (Tony Salerno)16*
Deloitte (Julie Stewart)1
Here For Beer6

Jones Beach Sunday 7:15pm

TeamsPoints Total
Notorious D.I.G. (Jessica Heron)6
Sandtastic Six (Mikhel Suarez)11*
Beaches and Whine (Robert Picariello)2
Swingers (Melissa McManus)19*
How I Set Your Mother (Jamie Thomas)6
The Titans (Nirav Shah)16*
Sand Pawesomes (Jackson Chen)2
Goofy Goobers (Justin DeTurris)19*
Sunday Funday (Miguel Teixeira)7*
Gwen Stefani Fan Club (Ricky Schlue..)6
Here For Beer13*

Updated 7/7/2018

Jones Beach Monday 6:45pm

TeamTotal Points
Eclipse (Martin Palomino)15
Land Sharks (Jake Interrante)8
Bubble Guppies (Alex Martinez)8
Hurricanes Team 1 (Lisa Lang)7
Hurricanes Team 2 (Lisa Lang)6
EDP445 (Gia Borgia)13
Lynbrook Legends (Daniela Scala)10

Jones Beach Monday 7:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
Nixon Peabody (Joseph Lotito)9
Smashing Bumpkins (Richard Prisco)5
I'd Hit That (Alyssa Tyson)12*
Sets on the Beach (Thomas Hoppe)3
Serve It Up (Melissa Coppola)7
That's What She Said (Kricket Bonnet)9
Sandsational (Frank Costanzo)15*
Dream Team (Angel Pipitone)11*
Serving Cervesas (Heidi Grammersto..)10
Long Island Spikers (Andrew Amarai..)16*
3B-Long (Vincent Blasi)15*
How I Set Your Mothers (Samantha De…)10
Dos Manos (Mike Hernandez)7
Notorious D.I.G. (Chris Hartigan)14*
Dirty Digs (Garrick Turano)10
Beastie Volley Ballz (Dan Annunziato)11*

Updated 7/7/2018

Jones Beach Tuesday 6:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
Sandsharks (Diana LaSpisa)12*
Red Cup (Roy Macaluso)21*
Up and Over (Walter Pietrowicz)1
Spark Serve (Adam Rieff)2
Lizardos (Patrick Hall)9*
Nick Fazzolare9*
Razzle Dazzle (Sean Howland)8
Spartans (Michael Sollenne)16*
Sets on the Beach (Dominick Ba..)14*
Server Down (Joe Reale)9*
Diggers with Attitude (Joe Giama..)15*
Guac and Roll (Schmidt)3

Jones Beach Tuesday 8:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
Scottish Hammers (Dave Warren)7*
Team Larry (David Pugh)13*
Cassidy's (Joseph Pirrone)11*
Quality Veterinary Care (Christian Blauvelt)2*

Jones Beach Tuesday 7:45pm

TeamsPoints Total
Sandsharks (Diana LaSpisa)10
The Bugs (Britt Klen)14
Scottish Hammers (Dave Warren)17*
Ball Breakers (David Pugh)17*
Empire Spikes Back (Kevin Hammond)3
Volley Llamas (Justin Schenck)12
Ball Busters (Gerald Petrocelli)5
Red Cup (Roy Macaluso)15*
Beta Blockers (Danielle Charette)3
Up and Over (Walter Pietrowicz3
Cassidy's (Joseph Pirrone)21*
Nick Fazzolare8
How I Set Your Mother (Paul Fran…)19*
Boom (Robert Kenefick)3
Granma's Afro (Nicole Capitelli)9
Overserved (Karen Costello)6
Digital Optometrics (Matt Ruskin)2
Sandy Cheeks (David Ford)16*
Rustinators (Nikki Spalma)15*
BSS (Rubin)9

Updated 7/7/2018

Jones Beach Wednesday 6:45pm

TeamTotal Points
Justice Is Served (Rocco Capobianco)15*
338 Strong A (Jenn Lipack)3
338 Strong B (John Falco)2
Hub International (Erin Dodge)10*
Sandy Cheeks (Joseph Fragale)9
Super Spike Bros (Joe D'Antonio)4
Shaina Rivera (Michael Frongillo)19*
Los Lobos (Raul Castro)13*
Here For Beer (Kenny Valladares)16*
Sets on The Beach (Nicole Nussbaum)5
EZ (Luis Feliz)15*
Sandy Boxes (Matthew Brustad)10*
Beach Bums (Will Frohnhoefer)6

Jones Beach Wednesday 8:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
Survey Says (Kristin Wedekin)21*
Y-Nots (Jake Mazzone)10*
Rosemary's Kid's (Michael Fazio)3
Finnigans (Vincent Cotrone)6*
Johnnie's Crew (John Bianco)6*

Jones Beach Wednesday 7:45pm

TeamTotal Points
Justice Is Served (Rocco Capobianco)16*
Survey Says (Kristin Wedekin)19*
Team Schein (Jordan Brachman)11
Where's Wilson (Megan Brown-Casa…)7
Happy Hour (Lahood)2
Brazilian Whacks (Christopher Wall)12*
Shaina Rivera (Michael Frongillo)12*
Setting Ducks (Marisa Kaplan)2
Here For Beer (Kenny Valladares)12*
EZ-Pass (Roger Borger)13*
I Can Dig It ( Dan Cassagne)5
Blue Hawks (Megan Fick)2
Cobra Kai (Joshua Meyer)21*
I'd Hit That (Theresa Foy)12*
Back That Pass Up (Cameron Nichols)10
ERM (Karen Pickering)9
Ginyo Force Five (Aimee Taylor)14*
Beach Bums4

Updated 7/7/2018

Jones Beach Thursday 6:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
Fired Up (Brian O'Neil)17*
Just the Tip (Liz Fisher)16*
Set on my Moustache (Rick McCa…)8
Stew Leonards Farmingdale11
Perfect Storm (Lori Bauer)13*
The Med (Eileen Ruppert)3
Bed Gear 2 (Nick)0
Sunrise Spikers (Michael Marino)5
Net Assets (Stephanie Naranjo)9
Rough Riders (Jason Maragh)19*
We Showed Up12
Not So Free Agents (Jon Anson)15*
Net Results (Jenifer Winge)7
Sets On The Beach (Nicole Porter)5
Astoria Rocks (Patricia Connolly)5
Forced for 8 (Cosmo DePinto)16*
Stew Leonards East Meadow8

Jones Beach Thursday 8:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
House Stark (Todd Kopf)9
House Targaryen (Evo 2) (Francis Lewis)6
Team Brutal (Patrick Kinney)14*
Sand Knockers (Jerry Murphy)5
Salty Sets (Joe Rose)5
Sand Eaters (Jim Bugden)4
We Always Get It Up (Sarah Burle…)11*
Grant Thornton (Dora)18*
Squuuad (Daniel Gehrig)14*
Donald Bump (Rebecca Teta)11*
Sandblasters (Donny Brown)6
Jonesin' For Sets11*

Jones Beach Thursday 7:45pm

TeamsTotal Points
House Stark (Todd Kopf)10
House Targaryen (Evo 2) - Francis Lewis7
Team We In (Kaitlin Thompson)5
Team Brutal (Patrick Kinney)10
C Gull and Friends (Caitlin Gull)15*
Sand Knockers (Jerry Murphy)11
Here For Beer (Kelly)14*
How I Set Your Mother (Laila Chadli)13
#WWMD (Allyson Reynolds)7
Can You Dig It (Kevin Dexter)13
Team America (Thomas O'Reilly)10
Just the Tip (Liz Fisher)15*
The Six Pack (Meghan Milana)7
Beach Better Have My Volley (Alex Kuna…)13
Set on my Moustache (Rick McCa…)7
Ball Busters (Keri Cohen)1
Set on My Face (Sean Laibach)8
Perfect Storm (Lori Bauer)8
Grant Thornton (Dora)20*
Rough Riders (Jason Maragh)16*
Squuuad (Daniel Gehrig)14*
Sandblasters (Donny Brown)4

Updated 7/7/2018

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