Robert Moses Standing

Sunday Recreational

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Stars & Spikes6120.333
I'd Hit That (Hall)570.417
Volley Llamas990.500
Bad Company1250.706
Ace Tho570.417
Captain Woo's 480.333
Too Much Sauce1530.833
Fist It Up2100.167
Serving Cervazas480.333
Friends & Animals650.545
No Scrubs890.471
Badda Bing Badda Bump1350.722
Eric Barnes3130.188
Who Has It?0100.000
I'd Hit That (Montenegro)570.417
Clam Clan1060.625
Trash Cans370.300

Sunday Competitve

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Red to Shred0100.000
No Worries1350.722
Dilly Dilly980.529
Bump Up the Jam2100.167

Monday Recreational

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Toes in the Sand8100.444
Matena Sarmiento0100.000
Behfast 0100.000
Just a Couple of Dads1350.722
I'd Hit That1530.833
How I Set Your Mother8100.444
Balls Deep840.667
Protected Sets570.417
Sets on the Beach6120.333
The Lost Balls6120.333
Smashing Beaches8100.444
Hit or Miss330.500
Spiked Punch (Bruzzi)1020.833
Crispy Bois0180.000
8th Period Gym0100.000
Beach Please4140.222
Team Megan1440.778
Under Rated1170.611
Setting Ducks0100.000
Spiked Punch 2 (Bendetti)0100.000
Notorious D.I.G0100.000
The Claws1260.667

Monday Competitve

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Bryan Mayer0100.000
Danny Eurell0100.000
The Carletons5110.313
We Always Get It Up640.600
The Volleyball Team5130.278
Serves You Right1801.000
updated as of 6/4000.000

Tuesday Recreational

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Block My Balls970.563
Sea You Next Tuesday1170.611
Sets on the Beach460.400
Diggin Tacos4120.250
Up for Grabs6100.375
USA Drinking Team790.438
Getting Out260.250
Rough Sets4130.235
Last Minute1080.556

Tuesday Competitve

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Safe Sets1150.688
Cuppa Haters1420.875
Gilgo Militia1440.778
Tub of Butter3130.188
Practice Safe Sets790.438
Sugar and Spike0140.000
Ballz Deep1530.833

Wednesday Recreational

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
What's a Setter8100.444
Big Digs1440.778
Set It & Forget It1350.722
Sets on the Beach1080.556
Kinky Sets8100.444
Wilson Lives!8100.444
Barnes and Clarke2160.111
Beach Bums1170.611
Scorpion & Co4140.222
Spiked Punch1130.071
Unprotected Sets1620.889
Ball Slappers7110.389
Block Party1440.778
RM 2018990.500
5 O'Clock Somewhere5130.278
Bumpin Not So Uglies1620.889
Rough Sets 7110.389
Bumpin Sandy Balls2160.111
Mark Garciani4140.222
Bump Sets Rock & Roll1440.778

Wednesday Competitve

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Quack Attack7110.389
Diggin for Donuts6120.333
Gunz & Moses980.529
Six Pack7110.389
Serves You Right1530.833
We Need Sleep1260.667

Thursday Recreational

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Spike Tyson0100.000
Bad Kid Crew930.750
How I Set Your Mother1101.000
Over the Net280.200
Dirty Digs730.700
Twisted Knees0100.000
Beer Watch930.750
Matthew Garziano1020.833
Sets on the Beach570.417
Serving Cervazas370.300
I'd Hit That0120.000
Beach Ballers640.600
Roll Tide840.667
5 O'Clock Somewhere660.500
Triple Net Threat660.500
One Hit Wonders2100.167
Watches on the Net1110.083
Ryan Martorano080.000
Sheer Science-2 Bump Chumps750.583
Reed Team060.000
Suzette Remy930.750
Tough Beaches0100.000
Nauti Beaches640.600
Nicole Mitchell440.500
Cancer Crushers080.000
Amanda Khare750.583

Thursday Competitve

TeamWinsLosesTotal Points %
Dig This390.250
Latin Power1110.917
Alberto Acosta080.000
Strengthen 0120.000
Night's Watch1020.833
Games Status: JUNE 20, 2018 - Game On ⛅